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DC3 Project

As many Flabobians know, the DC3 has arrived at Flabob and has been renamed the "Flabob Express".

Quite a bit of maintenance has been done on the DC3 since its arrival here at Flabob.


Currently, the props have been removed for overhaul, The right main fuel tank has been removed to correct a fuel leak.

Remove old props, and replace with new ones.

  • Fix leak in right fuel tank
  • replace the windows in the main cabin
  • new tires
  • correct an oil leak in then left engine oil cooler
  • new fabric on the control surfaces
  • After right engine failure on a visit to Rialto, replace right engine
  • After another right engine failure, replace right engine with a NEW one.
  • and other items that I am not aware of.

The Flabob Associates expect to take the aircraft to several airshows this year (2009) including Riverside and Hemit-Ryan.

The lore accompaning this aircraft is that it was specifically built for Sir Winston Churchill. It is officially a C-47, however, it does not have a cargo door. Instead there is a larger than usual airstair.


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